mace486 is just a site I made for fun. On the site you can find my collection of terrible games, music, and software I made. Enjoy! Below you can find some of the stuff I'm interested in if you want. If you want to know what the 486 means after my name, frankly I have no idea.


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Games I like

In no particular order.

World of Goo

Developer: 2D Boy

Little Inferno

Developer: Tomorrow Corporation

The Beginners Guide

Developer: Davey Wreden

The Stanley Parable

Developer: Davey Wreden

Half Life

Developer: Valve

Half Life 2

Developer: Valve


Developer: Mojang

Far Lone Sails

Developer: Okomotive

Samorost 3

Developer: Amanita Design

Tetris Effect

Developer: Resonair

Baba Is You

Developer: Hempuli Oy

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger

Developer: Krome Studios


Developer: IonFX

Puyo Puyo Tetris

Developer: Sonic Team

Papers Please

Developer: Lucas Pope


Developer: Interplay Productions

Enter The Gungeon

Developer: Dodge Roll

Portal 2

Developer: Valve